Friday, 4 January 2013

Loan Terms and Schemes Selection-Golden Gate Properties

Choosing of loan schemes depends on many factors. Decisions may become difficult when factors like bank and tenure are considered. Many loans are a long term contract between the bank and the client with many implications and hence the borrower must be very careful about the selection of the loan scheme. Tenure is nothing but the loan period. Loans may be of long term, short term or medium term which is solely the customer decision. If a long term loan is selected the borrower will be bind up for a longer period of time but at the same time prepayment of the loan shall be made without any penalty issues. Floating rate products are to be chosen for longer tenure because the high interest rates will not be sustainable. At times when the interest rates are really high short term loans are to be preferred. Schemes are defined based on the nature of interest whether fixed or floating. Interest rates are fixed at the time of taking loan in fixed type. On the other hand while a floating rate loan is considered interest rate is related to the present market rates or a bench mark rate.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Reasons for Real Estate Boom in India

Both the domestic and the commercial properties in India are seen to be in a real booming stage. All sectors of real estate like retail, recreational, residential and commercial projects are affected by this real estate boom. There are many factors that paved way to this huge real estate boom. Some of them are:
  • tremendous increase in population
  • high paced development and growth seen in the India software and IT sector
  • more individuals of the young generation are working in the developing IT companies which lead to accumulation of resource investment
  • increased presence of NRI groups and the interest they shows in making huge investments in the Indian real estate market
  • freedom given by the Indian government encouraging more FDI participation
  • institution of Real Estate Mutual Funds and Real Estate Investment Trust
  • greater development in the tourism industry
  • greater influence of nuclear family concept
Apart from all these factors there are also a number of the domestic and international realty groups who are the real players in the playground of Indian Real Estate and hence real estate boom.

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Golden Gate Properties

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